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Belin Parks has been in the media stylist business for over 25 years. She has serviced clients seen on CNN, MSNBC, FOX  NEWS, Hallmark Channel, News Junkets with John Schneider and many more. Her talents range from the news anchors, the aspiring models, business professionals to on air talent. Belin knows her business.



Styling Techneques

Professional Head Shots

When you hire Belin for your talent, you can truly relax...She's Got This!  Belin employs all the techniques to make your talent shine. Her claim to fame is how comfortable she makes everyone who sits in Her chair.  Her finished product is your talent focused on their roll and ready for their close up! When it comes to getting that perfect Head Shot, Belin transforms Everyday People to Extraordinary Models!

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To The Image

When you introduce your principles, executives, team members, clients or service representatives to the market place via advertising as well as your website and in digital communication, It's important to show them in their best light. Belin prides herself in bringing out the beauty and strength of every individual she works with.

As a media makeup artist and hair stylist, She makes it her mission to enhance every feature while creating a comfortable and professional experience for you and your team members.



Network Experience

Belin's specialty is working in the TV industry, particularly in the world of television news. She understands the time constraints, environmental conditions and lighting distortions that occur in TV.  She not only gets their make up and hair right, she has the talent ready and in place when the director says action! ​